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Conspiracy theory wrongly linked to Pakistan’s transgender community

Social media user claims trans rights progress is the ‘end of the family system’


Claim: Instagram user @Zarishkayy says a document proves that the United Nations (UN) plans an “end of the family system” and intends to force parents to give up their children so that the “kids belong to the state” through movements such as for the rights of the transgender community. The document contains a list of other goals as well that indicate the UN is working to deprive people of their freedom and privacy in a bid to control the world.

Fact: The document is fake and has no basis in reality. No such document is available on the UN’s website. The goals included in the list have already been debunked countless times by different fact-checking organisations over the past. Moreover, the title of the document in question is an amalgamation of two separate but authentic ones pertaining to sustainable development called ‘Agenda 21’ and ‘The 2030 Agenda’.

On 28 April 2023, Instagram user @Zarishkayy posted a story on their account, depicting a document they claim proves that the UN plans to end the family system by making parents give up their children so that the state can take their ownership. They alleged that this would be carried out through the trans rights movement, among other inclusive initiatives.

The document also contains a list of goals that indicate the UN aims to strip people’s freedom and privacy and control the world.

@Zarishkayy added the following text to their story:

End of the family system, and Kids belong to the state, not the parents. Ladies and gentlemen west for you 🙂 Kuch nai hai pakistan me au europe chalte hen [There’s nothing left in Pakistan, let’s go to Europe].”

The entire text of the document in question has been reproduced as follows:

UN Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals
One World Government
One World Cashless Currency
One World Central Bank
One World Military
The End of National Sovereignty
The End of ALL Privately Owned Property
The End of the Family Unit
Depopulation: Control of Population Growth and Population Density
Mandatory Multiple V
Universal Basic Income (Austerity)
Microchipped Society for Tracking and Controlling Purchasing and Travel
Implementation of a World Social Credit System (like China has)
Trillions of Appliances Hooked into the 5G Monitor System (Internet of Things)
Government Raised Children
Government Owned and Controlled Schools, Colleges and Universities
The End of Private Transportation, Owning Cars etc.
All Businesses Owned by Government Corporations
The Restriction of Nonessential Air Travel
Human Beings Concentrated into Human Settlement Zones — Cities
The End of Immigration
The End of Private Farms and Grazing Livestock
The End of Single Family Homes
Restricted Land Use that Serves Human Needs

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check took a quick look at the Instagram user’s profile, which reveals that they have posted a lot of content disparaging the transgender community, including here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We searched to see if the UN has any such document publicly available but found none (archive).

The claims have been debunked in the past by numerous fact-checking outlets accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), including Snopes. Since these claims appear as part of the list in question and not as standalone claims, Soch Fact Check has decided to quote key points from Snopesfact-checks.

Vaccine and depopulation

The claim that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates admitted to vaccines being designed in a way to allow governments to ‘depopulate’ the world has surfaced time and again over the years. It gained traction after being reported by Your News Wire — a “dubious news and conspiracy theory site” that first renamed itself to NewsPunch and now goes by The People’s Voice.

According to Snopes, it suggested that Gates, knowing that vaccines are risky, is using them to kill children in third world countries to reduce population growth.

“Gates later came to the conclusion that birth control was not the best approach to achieve the goal of slower population growth, instead realizing that — counterintuitively — a reduction in childhood mortality was the best way to limit population growth,” the publication wrote in 2017.

Vaccines and microchips

From a factual standpoint, Gates has never proposed or funded research into the development of a vaccine — for COVID-19 or for anything else — that includes the injection of a device that could actively track your location, monitor anything you are doing, or “control” you.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, a major concern was the reopening of the world; Gates suggested the use of digital immunity certifications to contain COVID-19 and allow the world to operate without hindrances. “Nothing he has advocated for […] necessitates injecting a tracking device into a body,” Snopes stated in 2020.

Social credit or behaviour system

This claim, which originated in 2022, said the government of Australia was set to unveil a “social credit” system that would require its citizens to use the Internet through a digital ID, as per Snopes. It was based on a recommendation of a parliamentary body’s standing committee as part of an “inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence”, the publication wrote, but the proposed legislation was never passed.

End to all private property

This claim stems from a March 2023 article (archive) published on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website about the UN 2023 Water Conference, Snopes explained in 2023. A portion of the write-up is as follows:

It’s clear that we need to rethink our approach to how we can best allocate and value water, and that’s what this Conference will be about. How can we share the cost of preventing or mitigating droughts and floods exacerbated by global warming?

The aforementioned portion has been distorted by The People’s Voice as it adds its own response to the WEF’s questions by writing, “By turning over all human activity to the control of the United Nations and its select partners in global politics.”

A website named New World Order Project 2023, or UN NWO (archive), that Soch Fact Check came across has the following disclaimer:

The United Nations New World Order Project is an independent global initiative campaigning for a new world order at the United Nations, and worldwide. The views expressed herein are solely those of the United Nations New World Order Project, and do not reflect the views of the United Nations, or any other entity.

Comments by officials

USA TODAY, also an IFCN signatory, quoted UN Secretary-General Spokesperson Daniela Gross as saying in a July 2020 email to the publication, “No, this is false. This is not a genuine UN document.”

In addition, AFP Fact Check, another IFCN signatory, spoke to Heidi Beirich, who wrote a report on the Agenda 21 conspiracy theories in 2014. Beirich wrote in June 2020, “That post is filled with all the bogus claims the far right has made against [Agenda 21] for a long time now.”

She also addressed the 2030 Agenda in her email to AFP Fact Check, writing that the claims are “just a false attempt to paint sensible plans for sustainable development as some sort of communist plan, which it is not”.

Lastly, Reuters Fact Check quoted Sharon Birch — a spokesperson for the Sustainable Development Section at the UN — as saying, “The list (including the goals) is not in any way associated with the United Nations. Moreover, the goals are neither included in Agenda 21 nor the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

The Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda are available here and here, respectively.


Soch Fact Check found that British TV personality Bushra Shaikh — who appears on Good Morning Britain as a social and political commentator and has over 16,000 followers on Twitter — posted the image (archive) in response to a tweet by controversial media personality Andrew Tate. The tweet by Shaikh, who has also posted content disparaging the transgender community, was viewed more than 140,100 times.

Apart from that, Twitter users @Rich_Cooper and @starsmoonandsun also posted the document here (archive) and here (archive) and received upwards of 1.6 million and 30,300 views, respectively.

@iluminatibot shared the image twice on Twitter here (archive) and here (archive); their tweets gained over 2.7 million and 364,900 views, respectively.

The image appeared here, here, here, here, and here on Facebook.

@Zarishkayy, the individual who shared the alleged document on their Instagram story, has more than 4,000 followers.

Conclusion: No such document is available on the UN’s website. The document is fake and has no basis in reality. The goals in the list have already been debunked countless times by different fact-checking organisations over the past. Moreover, the title of the document in question is an amalgamation of two separate but authentic ones pertaining to sustainable development called ‘Agenda 21’ and ‘The 2030 Agenda’.

Background image in cover photo: Bernd Dittrich

To submit an appeal on our fact-check, please send an email to

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