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Does this video show an F-35 jet performing a stunt?

Clip has resurfaced multiple times over the past few months


Claim: A video shows an F-35 fighter jet — in some cases identified as F-4 — performing a stunt by tilting itself into a vertical position in the air.

Fact: The video does not show an F-35 fighter jet but a scaled-down RC version of a fighter jet.

On 7 May 2023, Twitter account @clipsthatgohard posted a video (archive) reportedly showing an F-35 jet performing a stunt in the air. The tweet is captioned: “who needs an f35”.

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check used keyframes from the video as input for reverse image search tools to ascertain the truth behind the claim.

We found out that the video, in fact, shows a scaled-down, radio-controlled (RC) version of a real fighter jet. It is not a real fighter jet. A similar model can be seen in this clip on the YouTube channel Supercar Blondie titled “Miniature Jet Fighter Flies 500KM/H”.

The description under the video — which was uploaded on 18 May 2021 — is as follows:

Visiting the most epic RC Fighter Jet club in the world! These jets can fly up to 500km/h and cost tens of thousands of dollars! They are described as bombs of the sky, so there is a secluded area in Dubai that is safe to fly them. Check out this race between my McLaren and two fighter jets!! Thanks to all involved below 🙂

This is also evident when the size of the jet in the video is compared to the bystanders seen later.

We have also identified some markers in a screenshot each from both videos to compare the aircraft.


Soch Fact Check found that the video has been resurfacing over and over in the past few months, perhaps due to the Russia-Ukraine war. It was shared here in January 2023, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here in February 2023, and here in May 2023.

The video was also posted on, a “legal social network” containing an international directory of lawyers, here, and on the Iranian social network WISGOON here.

The clip was shared here, here, here, and here on Facebook, here on Instagram, here on YouTube, and here, here, and here on TikTok.

Conclusion: The video does not show an F-35 fighter jet but a scaled-down RC version of a fighter jet.

Background image in cover photo: Stephen Leonardi

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