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Behind-the-scenes video of Mahira Khan shared in misleading context

Video shared by PTI-leaning account, which takes a jibe at PML-N


Claim: A social media user shares a video clip of Mahira Khan and states a longer video contains sensitive content.

Fact: The video, which is actually behind-the-scenes footage shot by a makeup artist, shows Mahira Khan having a light-hearted conversation with her team and stating that she’s hungry.

On 8 August 2023, Twitter user @ssgviews posted (archive) a video, reportedly showing Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, with the following caption:

“کس کس کو پوری ویڈیو چاہیے دیکھتا جا اور شرماتا جا بڑے لوگوں کی چھوٹی اور گندی حرکتیں تھتھے پٹورایو چلو دفاع کرو
[Who wants the full video? Watch and be ashamed of the small and dirty actions of big people. Now go, defend this, you pile of Patwaris!]”

The conversation in the video goes as follows:

Person making the video: “What happened, Mahira? Why are you so upset?”
Person making the video: “Tell me… Tell me!”
Mahira Khan: “What?”
Person making the video: “What happened?”
Mahira Khan: “I’m hungry.”
Person making the video: “Oye Allah…”
Mahira Khan: “I want to eat.”
Another person in the background: “Chalein ajayen [Okay, come].”

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check went through the quote-tweets and comments on the original post and found a response (archive) that led us to the Instagram account of Babar Zaheer, a celebrity hair and makeup artist.

Zaheer — who has over 110,000 followers on Instagram — originally uploaded the video on 19 June 2023 in a post (archive) captioned, “Always hungry for food our very gangu.”

The video was clearly a behind-the-scenes shot and was posted in a light-hearted manner. It has nothing to do with any political cause and has, therefore, been posted in a misleading context.


As of writing time, the tweet by @ssgviews has been viewed more than 108,000 times and received over 200 comments, 250 reposts or retweets, and 750 likes.

Conclusion: The video, which was filmed by a make-up artist, contains behind-the-scenes footage of Mahira Khan having a light-hearted conversation with her team and stating that she’s hungry.

Background image in cover photo: @TheMahiraKhanOfficial

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