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Zahir Jaffer has not been released

Rawalpindi Central Jail confirmed that Zahir Jaffer is currently a prisoner (#58836)


Claim: Zahir Jaffer, who beheaded Noor Mukaddam has been released and plans to go to the United States of America. 

Fact: Central Jail Rawalpindi confirmed that Zahir Jaffer has not been released, and is still imprisoned at the Adiala Jail. Advocate Shah Khawar, who is a legal counsel for Noor Mukadam’s family, also confirmed that Zahir Jaffer has not been released, and the appeal filed by his family has not yet been granted leave by the Supreme Court.

On 12 November 2023, an image went viral on WhatsApp and was marked “Forwarded many times”, by the app’s algorithm. The image was a collage of two separate photographs of Zahir Jaffer and Noor Mukaddam, accompanied by the following text:

“Pakistan Zindabad
Another milestone in the wonderful Justice system of Pakistan.
Zahir Jaffer, the monster who beheaded Noor Mukaddam, is to be released and on way to USA” 

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check called the Adiala Jail, also known as the Central Jail Rawalpindi where the operator Nadeem confirmed that Zahir Jaffer was still in jail. 

We also spoke to Shah Khawar, who is the legal counsel for Noor Mukaddam’s family. He clarified that the information regarding Zahir Jaffer’s release is false, adding that,, “The law says that whenever someone is awarded a death sentence- which in this case was awarded by the court of additional sessions judge- the court which awards it has to send a murder reference to the high court.” Once this reference is received,  two high court judges must re-evaluate the case independently and give one of the three possible conclusions: either they acquit the accused, confirm his death sentence(s) and validate the earlier judgment, or reduce the death sentence to life imprisonment, Khawar elaborated.

 In Zahir Jaffer’s case, “The IHC not only confirmed the reference but extended his life imprisonment punishment against the charge of rape to a death sentence as well, which we had appealed for on behalf of Noor Mukaddam’s family.” the Advocate elaborated. 

 Most importantly, Khawar asserted that far from receiving an acquittal, Zahir Jaffer’s family’s appeal to the Supreme Court  to revert his death sentence has not even been granted leave.. Therefore, the possibility of his acquittal cannot arise.. 


The WhatsApp message was marked “Forwarded many times”. 

Conclusion: Zahir Jaffer has not been released.

Background image in cover photo: WhatsApp

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