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Viral TikTok of a woman defending Imran Khan is not Khadija Shah

The video is viral on WhatsApp with a caption claiming that Khadija Shah recorded it right before surrendering


Claim: Khadija Shah, granddaughter of former COAS Asif Nawaz Janjua, recorded a video endorsing Imran Khan right before surrendering to the police. The clip has been widely shared on WhatsApp.

Fact: The viral video is a TikTok of PTI activist Maya Haider, it does not show Khadija Shah.

On 24 May 2023, a video went viral on WhatsApp with the caption: “Granddaughter of Gen Asif Nawaz before voluntary surrendering to Police.” In this video a woman speaks to the camera and says she has to defend Imran Khan as she believes he speaks the truth.

On 9 May 2023, protestors attacked the Jinnah House, which is the official residence of the Lahore Corps commander. Following this, the government made a public announcement of hunting down all individuals marked as participants and labelled fashion designer Khadija Shah as the chief organiser of the attack despite there being several videos that show she was just attending the demonstration as a protestor. 

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check found that the video has the TikTok username @kingimran0777 watermarked. We looked through this profile and found the same video with the caption “#duet with @Maya Haider #behindyouskipper.” 

Then we searched Maya Haider’s name on various search engines and found her Twitter account, which proved that she is a PTI activist in Germany who has also conducted protests there in front of the Pakistan embassy and spoke to the media in Imran Khan’s support. She also herself shared the video in the claim on her Twitter account with the caption: “#WeStandWithImranKhan #imranKhanPTI #ptifamily #imrankhan_is_our_redline #PakistanZindabad”


The video claim was labelled “forwarded many times” on WhatsApp.

Conclusion: The viral video of a woman endorsing Imran Khan on WhatsApp is Maya Haider, not Khadija Shah. 

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