Video showing Saad Rizvi being welcomed is old


Fact: Videos on social media show Saad Rizvi being welcomed by TLP workers after being released from jail.

Claim: Saad Rizvi has not yet been released from prison and the videos are from a previous TLP rally.

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan leader Saad Rizvi was arrested earlier this month, leading to widespread protests, as well as clashes between TLP workers and security workers. The government, at first, responded by placing a ban on TLP and placing its leaders on the Fourth Schedule list.

On 20 April, Minister of Interior Sheikh Rasheed announced that the government entered into an agreement with TLP, the terms of which included the party calling off its protests in exchange for the government tabling a resolution in the National Assembly for the expulsion of the French ambassador to Pakistan. While Rizvi’s release had been one of TLP’s demands, Rasheed did not mention it during his address to the nation.

A few hours after the agreement was announced, there was news of Rizvi’s release. Videos were also shared on social media. Showing Rizvi at a rally, being showered with rose petals, the video was shared within the context of Rizvi being welcomed by TLP party workers after his release.

Soch Fact Check found the video to be false. On 21 April, Minister of Interior Sheikh Rasheed announced that Saad Rizvi had not yet been released. Superintendent Operations Saddar Hafeez ur Rehman Bugti, who was Rizvi’s arresting officer, also confirmed this.

Ahmed Ganchi, a TLP worker based in Karachi also told Soch that Rizvi had not been released by 21 April. Ganchi also confirmed that there was a rally in Lahore’s Yateem Khaana Chowk on 20 April, which was in solidarity with TLP but not an official rally of TLP.

Given that Rizvi has not yet been released, it becomes clear that the videos of him being circulated on social media are false and from an earlier rally that was held before his arrest.

Summary: Videos of Saad Rizvi being welcomed by TLP workers after being released from jail. Soch Fact Check found that the videos are old and from before Rizvi’s arrest, as he is yet to be released.

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