The world’s biggest snake was not caught in Florida



  • The world’s biggest snake has been caught by two hunters in Florida, United States of America (USA).


  • The record for the longest snake in the world dates back to 1912, when a reticulated python measured in at 32 feet and 9.5 inches. This record has not yet been broken.
  • In 2020, two python hunters in Miami, Florida caught an 18-foot-9 inch Burmese python, breaking the previous state record for longest snake caught.

On 7 September 2021, a website named mayanaz published an article with an Urdu headline that translated into English reads as: “Hunters caught biggest snake in the world – where did this snake come from and what is its true story.”

This article was shared on Facebook by a page called Sibtain Ajmal Official on 8 and 25 October 2021.

The headline of the article is false. The record for longest snake in the world is still retained by the 32-foot-9.5-inch reticulated python recorded in 1912. The longest snake in captivity is 25 feet and two inches long.

The article claims that hunters have caught the world ‘s longest snake in Florida, a Burmese python measuring 18 feet and nine inches.

In October 2020, two python hunters in Miami, Florida did in fact catch a Burmese python of that length. While this capture broke Florida’s state record for longest snake caught, it did not break the world record.

The pictures used in the article also appear to have been manipulated. The picture of the snake has been imposed on another picture which features a crowd of people. The manipulation is visible at the tail-end of the snake.

The story was covered by local news outlets such as Miami Herald and The Palm Beach Post.

The headline of the article is false and the index picture has been manipulated. The snake mentioned in the article was caught a year ago and it did not break the world record for longest snake.

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