Claim: A video has been circulating on Facebook that is captioned “A beautiful rendition of the Azaan in India’s biggest talent show”.

Fact: This is a doctored video with a fake background that reads “Britain’s Got Talent” and clips of Indian celebrities have been edited into the video from Indian talent shows.

There have been many viral videos that falsely depict individuals reciting the Azaan (call to prayer) on different talent shows. Examples of such videos can be seen here, here and here. This particular video is one such video, with a caption that claims it took place on “India’s biggest (talent) show.”

Fact or Fiction?

The background in the video clearly reads “Britain’s Got Talent,” which is not an Indian show, and has a completely different set of judges than those shown in the doctored video. After reviewing aired episodes of Britain’s Got Talent, Soch Fact Check found out that no such performance of the Azaan was aired on even that show, which means that the background in the doctored video was fake.

The clips showing Bollywood actresses Shipla Shetty and Rani Mukherji used in the doctored video are taken from this episode of Indian show Super Dancer, while that of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is taken from this episode of Indian Idol Junior.

A Youtuber by the name of Sk Nazmul Hassan has made a video detailing how some of these fake videos featuring the Azaan are doctored.


According to a CrowdTangle analysis of the last 12 months, the video has 7,100,000 views on Facebook with 640,000 likes and 29,000 comments. It has been shared in groups that have a large following including this, this and this with 323.7k, 588.8k and 439.8k members respectively.

Conclusion: The video is doctored. The person in the video did not recite the Azaan on any Indian or British talent show.

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