Claim: Sushmita Sen and Waris Baig had a secret child twenty years ago.

Fact: Waris Baig went to India for a music video shoot when his son Ammar Baig was young; Ammar sang two songs for Sen and, in response, she was so overjoyed that she remarked to Waris, “Why don’t you leave him here with me, he can be my son.” However, he is not actually her son.

On 24 December 2023, 92 News shared a video on Facebook titled, 

“وارث بیگ اور سُشمیتا سین کی خفیہ اولاد سامنے آگئی” [Translation: Waris Baig and Sushmita Sen’s secret child]. The thumbnail with the same title was repeated with a sub headline “20 سال پہلے کا بڑا راز سامنے آگیا۔۔!” [Translation: 20 year old big secret has been revealed..!]

In the video, a woman representing 92 News is interviewing singer Ammar Baig and his father, Waris Baig, a famous Pakistani playback singer. Baig was also given the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan.

Fact or Fiction?

In the full video, at 6 minutes 8 seconds, the interviewer remarks, “I found out that he is Sushmita Sen’s son and I was really surprised to hear that, so basically the story behind this is that you went to India and she said he is her son, what is this story?”

In response, Waris Baig clarifies that he took his son with him to India during a music video shoot when his son Ammar was just twelve years old, and he sang two songs for Sushmita Sen. Overjoyed by his talent, Sen remarked,  “Why don’t you leave him here with me, he can be my son.” 

92 News selected a misleading title and thumbnail to attach with this video and they deployed the same strategy while sharing it on YouTube and Instagram. However, it is not true that Ammar Baig’s birth mother is Sushmita Sen. In this 2022 interview with the Gourmet News Network, Ammar Baig’s birth mother, Shazia Baig, appears alongside Waris Baig.


On Instagram, the post received 1266 likes and the video was watched 111,000 times, which is exponentially more than the average views they get on Instagram. 

On Facebook, the video was shared 372 times and was viewed over 798,000 times. 

Conclusion: Ammar Baig is not Sushmita Sen’s son.

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