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Students chant in favour of Pakistan Army and not Imran Khan

A video of students from Lahore Polytechnic Institute in Sheikhupura does not show them chanting in support of Imran Khan


Claim: In a government school, students chanted “Imran Khan Zindabad” to show their support for the former Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). 

Fact: During Independence Day celebrations on 14 August 2023, students at the Lahore Polytechnic Institute raised slogans in favour of the Pakistan Army, which were misconstrued  as chants for Imran Khan. 

On 19 March 2024, a social media user shared a video on X, showing students raising slogans while lined up on either side of the entrance as a man marched in the center. The video was shared with the following caption:

اب دکھی سرکار اس سکول کو بند ہی نہ کردے جسمیں عمران خان زندہ باد کے نعرے لگ رہے ہیں یہ کیسا قیدی ہے جسکے عشق میں بچے بڑے سب ہی مبتلا ہیں

[Translation: Now the hurt government will try to shut down this school which is raising the slogan “Long Live Imran Khan”. What kind of prisoner is this who is loved by children and adults alike?]

Fact or Fiction?

Sifting through the replies to the viral tweet, Soch Fact Check was able to identify the school shown in the video as Lahore Polytechnic Institute in Sheikhupura. Through a reverse image search of its key-frames, we found a similar video  shared by the Facebook page of the Lahore Polytechnic Institute Sheikhupura Campus.

A close listen of the video revealed that the students are not raising slogans saying, “Imran Khan, Zindabad!” [Long Live Imran Khan!]. In fact, the students can be heard chanting, “Pak Fauj, Zindabad!” [Long Live Pakistan Army].

When Soch Fact Check contacted Mohammad Shafiq, the school administrator, he confirmed to us that the video clip is from last year’s Independence Day celebrations, and the slogan that can be heard in the video is indeed, “Pak Fauj, Zindabad”. 

The school administrator further praised the Pakistan Army to us, adding that, “Pakistan Army hamaray mathay ka jhoomar hai, sarhadon ke muhafiz hain, hamein unhein criticise nahi krna chahiye balkay appreciate karna chahiye.” [Pakistan Army is an ornament for our heads, they are the protectors of our borders, instead of criticising them, we should be venerating them].

Therefore, Soch Fact Check concludes that the chants in the video in question are in favour of the Pakistan Army, and not Imran Khan. 


The claim posted on X was viewed more than 50,700 times.

Conclusion: Students at a government school were chanting in favour of the Pakistan Army, not Imran Khan.

Background image in cover photo: Observer Research Foundation 

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