Claim: Salman Akram Raja tweeted hate speech about the Ahmedi community, calling them infidels. 

Fact: The tweet was posted by a fake account impersonating Salman Akram Raja. Raja has clarified that he did not share a hateful message against the Ahmedi community. 

On 21 February 2024, an account claiming to be lawyer and PTI leader Salman Akran Raja shared a post (archived) on X, using a slur against the Ahmedi community and called them apostates. The text of the tweet is as follows:


قادیانی کافر ہے اور کافر ہی رہیں گے۔

مرزا قادیانی کافر و کاذب ہے اور اسکے پیروکار غیر مسلم ہی تصور ہونگے۔

[Translation: Qadiani is an infidel and will remain an infidel. Mirza Qadiani is an infidel and a liar and his followers are considered non-Muslims.]

Fact or Fiction?

Salman Akram Raja quoted the post in the claim from his official account with the caption: “This is a fake account.”

Soch Fact Check confirms that this (@salmanAraja) is his only real and official account. It is also the same account where he originally tweeted about what he says was an illegal eviction from the office of the Returning Officer during the general election of 2024, further confirming the account’s authenticity.

In another tweet on 21 February 2024, Raja said, “There are several fake accounts pretending to be mine. My only X (Twitter) account is @salmanAraja”


The tweet from the fake account  was viewed more than 296,800 times, while the account has already been followed by more than 51,400 users on X.

Conclusion: An account on X, impersonating Salman Akram Raja, tweeted hate speech about the Ahmedi community, calling them infidels. Raja confirmed that this account is fake. . 

Background image in cover photo: Lifewire 

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