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Rohingya refugees picture shared as Pakistan flood victim

Image from 2017 went viral during 2022 floods in Pakistan


Claim: A picture of a woman and a minor boy is shared with a caption that implies they are affected by the recent devastating floods in Pakistan.

Fact: The woman and child are Rohingya refugees, who were photographed by Mohammad Ponir Hossain on 1 October 2017.

On 31 August 2022, a Twitter user posted an image of a child helping a woman submerged in water.

The image is accompanied by the caption, “Now a situation in Pakistan. In Sindh, many people suffer from Diarrhea and Dengue due to polluted water 3 children are died. Ya Allah Reham.”

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check conducted a reverse image search which led us to a post from October 2017 by stock image website Alamy.

The same image is shared with the caption, “A woman is helped by a child as Rohingya refugees arrive by a wooden boat from Myanmar to the shore of Shah Porir Dwip, in Teknaf, near Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, October 1, 2017.”

The picture is credited to Reuters photographer Mohammad Ponir Hossain from Bangladesh.

TRT world also published an article on 6 October 2017, in which the same image was featured with the caption, “Tens of thousands more Rohingya are stranded on the border, waiting for Bangladeshi forces to allow them to enter.”


The same image has been used in different articles related to floods in Sindh Pakistan. News websites MM News, Daily Tharparkar News and Daily Sun posted the same image with news about floods in Pakistan.

The same image with misleading information is shared here, and here on Twitter and here on Facebook.

Conclusion: The picture, which actually shows a Rohingya child and woman entering Bangladesh, was taken by Mohammad Ponir Hossain on 1 October 2017.

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