Posts wrongly claim video depicts Pakistani soldiers fighting in Siachen


Claim: A video doing the rounds on social media depicts Pakistani soldiers fighting in Siachen.

Fact: The video is not of Pakistani soldiers fighting in Siachen.

The caption shared alongside this video on Facebook states, “How Pakistan army fights enemy in Siachen,” implying that the characters in the video are members of the Pakistan armed forces and the location is Siachen — the world’s highest battleground where Indian and Pakistani forces have been engaged in skirmishes since the 1980s.

According to data extracted from CrowdTangle, the video has been shared on various different pages and groups with the same caption, including here, here, here and here.

The video is, in fact, a snippet of gameplay from the third mission (“Cliffhanger”) of first person shooting game Call of Duty Black Modern Warfare 2. The characters and the location both do not exist in the real world. The whole scene is based on Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The game is a sequel in the Call of Duty game franchise from games publisher Activision. The game is available on different platforms including PC, Playstation and Microsoft Xbox.

The scene in question can also be seen in gameplay reviews on YouTube here, here and here.

Conclusion: The caption of the video is misleading. The video is of gameplay from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and not of the Pakistan armed forces on Siachen.

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