Picture of Fazal ur Rahman with alcohol is doctored


Claim: Mualana Fazal ur Rahman was pictured with a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey on a plane.

Fact: The image in question is doctored.

On 25 September 2020, an image of Mualana Fazal ur Rahman on a plane went viral on Twitter and Facebook. The image shows the JUI-F president talking on the phone while a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey sits on a table besides him, along with a partially filled glass.

A quick Reverse Google Image Search revealed that the alcohol bottle and glass have been doctored onto the photo. The original image, without the bottle of Jack Daniels, was first shared on 5 May, 2019, by a Facebook page called “Imran Khan FaNs NA 32” with a caption that narrates an elaborate joke where the punchline is centered around Mualana Fazal ur Rahmans’s political motivations.

ایک شخص کی شادی دوردراز کے علاقے میں ہوئی۔ بارات سے واپسی پر ٹرین کے ذریعے وہ اپنی دلہن کو لے کر واپس آرہا تھا۔ دلہن نے…

Imran khan FaNs NA 32 ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಭಾನುವಾರ, ಮೇ 5, 2019


The original image was posted in 2019 before the version with the bottle of alcohol was found online. It is evident that the bottle and glass have been edited over it to make it seem like the religious leader was drinking alcohol on a plane.

Summary: A photograph showing Mualana Fazal ur Rahman on a plane with an alcoholic beverage recently went viral on social media. Soch Fact Check discovered this image has been doctored.

Research Associate: Areeba Fatima

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