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Old video of slaughterhouse raid wrongly linked to inflation

The video was uploaded on Facebook in 2015


Claim: A video shows Pakistanis slaughtering dogs and donkeys for meat amid the economic crisis and skyrocketing inflation. 

Fact: The video, which shows a female anchor raiding an illegal slaughterhouse in Karachi selling donkey and dog meat during an Abb Takk News’ show, is from 2015.

Fact or Fiction?

On 14 February 2023, Twitter user @MJ_007Club shared a newsgrab claiming that the people of Pakistan are dying of hunger and hence have resorted to eating donkey and dog meat amid the economic crisis and inflation in the country.

Pakistan, dying of hunger, are now eating donkey & dog meat. Dogs & donkeys are being slaughtered for meat,” the tweet reads. 

In the one-minute 14 seconds video, a female anchor can be heard saying that we are in an area just outside of Karachi about which we received a tip-off that it houses illegal slaughterhouses where donkeys and dogs are slaughtered.

The video shows two men holding knives and a donkey on the floor, writhing in pain. The host then asks a man standing nearby if this is the meat they sell. She further says that this is the meat that ends up on our dining table. 

The claim is misleading. Soch Fact Check searched Facebook with the keywords “Pakistan dog donkey meat” leading to a longer version of the viral video. The video was uploaded on 11 March 2015 by Wajahat Ali. 

Soch Fact Check searched YouTube with the keywords “خفیہ  anchor Sana Faisal” and came across a video of the show خفیہ posted by AbbTakk Live Streaming in 2017. We ascertained that the viral clip is from the show خفیہ that aired on the channel. 


The claim can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Soch Fact Check found that the tweet by MJ was viewed over 100,500 times.

The video in the tweet received over 57,200 views, while the post received 1,280 retweets, and 2,345 likes, as of writing time.

Kashyap Kumar shared MJ’s tweet on Facebook here.

The video was posted here on YouTube.

Conclusion: The video is unrelated to the recent economic crisis and inflation. In fact, it’s an old video from Abb Takk News’ show during which an anchor raided an illegal slaughterhouse selling dog and donkey meat.

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