Missile video is from Gaza, not Ukraine

Posts claim video shows the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence being instantly razed to the ground


Claim: A video shows three Russian missiles hitting Ukraine and instantly razing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence to the ground.

Fact: The footage is, in fact, from 2021 and shows an Israeli airstrike in Gaza.

A video is circulating on social media along with the claim that the footage is of a Russian missile strike on the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

The footage is actually from an airstrike in which the Israeli Air Force took out Al-Shorouk Tower in Gaza, Palestine, along with two other buildings. The original footage was shared by ABC News on 15 May 2021 and the publication’s story covering the background of the incident can be found here.

Other international media outlets, such as CNN and Ahram Online, also covered the story, while Times of India also fact-checked similar posts.

Conclusion: The video circulating online does not show a Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. The footage is in fact from 2021 and depicts an Israeli air strike in Gaza.

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