Claim: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s central secretariat has issued a notification announcing that Imran Khan is retiring from politics. 

Fact: The notification is doctored. PTI’s media coordinator, Azhar Mashwani has confirmed that Khan is not retiring from politics. 

On 19 February 2022, a notification from the PTI’s Central Secretariat went viral on social media. According to this notification, Imran Khan had announced that he was retiring from politics. The complete text of the notification is as follows:


“Dear Nation,
After much contemplation and consideration of the larger interest of our Pakistan, I have decided to announce my retirement from politics.
In light of my retirement, I hereby extend an open invitation to all winner independents to join any party they deem fit. My decision is guided by the belief that unity and collaboration are essential for the progress and prosperity of our nation. 

Imran Khan”

Fact or Fiction?

Through a reverse image search, Soch Fact Check found that PTI’s official Instagram handle had shared a copy of this notification with a “False” stamp imposed on the image.

Furthermore Azhar Mashwani, the media coordinator for PTI confirmed to Soch Fact Check that no such notification, signed by Imran Khan, has been released by the party’s central secretariat. 

 In addition to this, an extensive review of PTI’s official X and Instagram accounts shows a consistent stream of their latest posts about the allegations of rigging, and posts endorsing Imran Khan as their leader. From these posts, it seems unlikely that Khan has announced his retirement from politics. 


On Facebook, the claim was shared here.

We also found the same claim shared here and here on X. 

Conclusion: Imran Khan has not announced his retirement from politics. 

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