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Image of Urdu News story about Imran Khan’s face masks is doctored

The original article only focuses on the high demand for masks


Claim: An image of a news report by Urdu News claims that face masks of Imran Khan’s face are manufactured with the same frame as the Pharaoh asks sold by the same company.

Fact: The claim is false as the image is doctored. In the original article, the media outlet mentions that the Imran Khan masks are out of stock due to high demand.

On 1 March 2024, a Facebook user posted an image with an Urdu caption,

عمران خان کے ماسک بنانے والے کمپنی Logic mind کے مطابق ہمیں عمران خان کے ماسک بنانے میں کوئی دشواری نہیں ہوئی کیونکہ اس سے پہلے ہم اسی فارمولے اور فریم پرفرعون کے ہزاروں ماسک بنا چکے ہیں پچیس سال بعد ہم نے اسی فریم سے عمران خان کے ماسک بنائے جس پر بہت کم خرچ آیا .

Translation [Imran Khan’s mask manufacturing company Logic Mind says, “We did not face any problem in making Imran Khan’s masks because before that we have made thousands of Pharaoh’s masks on the same formula and frame which cost very little.”]

The post is accompanied by an image of a news article by Urdu News with the in-text headline that translated into English reads, “Imran Khan’s masks are made in the same frame as Pharaoh’s masks.”

Fact or Fiction? 

To investigate, Soch Fact Check searched Google with relevant keywords but did not find any such article posted by Urdu News.

However, the author of the article, journalist Adeeb Yousafzai posted a rebuttal on X confirming that his article was doctored with a false headline. The post was accompanied by an image of the original article.

Soch Fact Check then found the original article, which was published on 1 February 2024, a few days before the general elections in Pakistan. The Urdu language article is titled, “’Imran Khan mask’ out of stock, difficult to fulfil orders in a short time.”

Close inspection of the image alongside the article makes it obvious that the headline has been photoshopped in the photo shared with the claim. The Urdu font and style of the article are different from that of the viral post confirming it has been photoshopped.

The report mentions that these masks are made with plastic found online, and they are being distributed in Shah Alam market of Lahore. The article does not mention a company named “Logic Mind”, nor does it talk about Pharaoh’s masks.


The doctored image of the Urdu News article with false claims can be seen here, here and here on Facebook.

On X, it can be seen here.

Conclusion: Urdu News did not publish a news article saying that masks of Imran Khan’s were manufactured with the same frame used to make Pharoah’s masks. The image is doctored, as the original article only talks about the masks being in high demand before the 2024 elections in Pakistan.


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