Claim: Pakistani celebrity Hadiqa Kiyani built 370 homes, two maternity centers and 200 mosques for  survivors in the aftermath of the 2022 monsoon floods in Balochistan, Pakistan. 

Fact: Singer and actress Hadiqa Kiyani did not build 200, but two mosques for the flood survivors in Balochistan. 

On 16 October 2023, a Facebook page called Dekhlo shared an image of singer and actress, Hadiqa Kiyani embedded with the text, “Hadiqa Kiyani Completes 370 Homes, 2 Maternity Centers, 200 Mosques for Flood Survivors.” 

According to the caption, “Singer and Actress Hadiqa Kiyani has completed the construction of 370 houses, 200 Mosques and other health, community facilities through the platform of her non-profit, Vaseela-e-Raah, in the underprivileged areas of Balochistan. #DekhloTv”

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check conducted a search with the keywords, “Hadiqa Kiyani”, “370 homes” and “floods”. We found Hadiqa Kiyani’s original post, which was published through her verified official Facebook page,  on 30 September 2023. 

The post contained images of Kiyani meeting women and children in Balochistan. In one of the images, she is seen posing next to a signboard saying, “Goth Vaseela e Rah batawun Hadiqa Kiyani baraye Sailab Zadgaan Balochistan” [translation: Village Vaseela e Rah with the collaboration of Hadiqa Kiyani, for the flood survivors of Balochistan]

The post itself claims that Kiyani built 370 homes, 2 maternity centers, 1 school, 1 grocery store and 2 mosques in Tamboo and Kundi,  in the Naseerabad district of Balochistan. 

 On 17 October 2023, Kiyani also tweeted saying,  “I am seeing messages going around and I don’t want to call this bad journalism but maybe just a “typo” that has gone semi-viral. I have not built 200 mosques. If Allah has it in my path then Inshallah one day I might but as of now I have only built 2. Please fact check.”

This proves that Kiyani built 2 mosques, and not 200. 


The post by Dekhlo has received over 650 interactions on Facebook. 

Conclusion: Hadiqa Kiyani built two and not 200 mosques for the flood survivors in Balochistan. 

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