FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi has not resigned… yet.

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Claim: FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi has resigned.
Fact: Shabbar Zaidi has not resigned, but he may have to step down due to poor health.  

On Tuesday 11 February, social media posts and news reports spread claiming that Shabbar Zaidi has resigned from his position as Chairman of the Federal Bureau of Revenues (FBR). The words “Shabbar Zaidi” were even trending on Twitter in Pakistan and many social media users speculated that a rift between Zaidi and the PTI government led to his resignation.

However, Zaidi has now clarified with Geo News, “I have not resigned from my post as chairman FBR. I have just not been able to perform my duties due to ill health.”

The Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, told The News, “If Shabbar Zaidi does not recover then we will look for a replacement. His return would be determined by the doctor.”

Summary: FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi has not resigned, he has been on leave due to poor health. He may have to resign if his health does not improve. 

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