Fake account of Iffat Omar appears on Twitter

A fake account of former model and influencer Iffat Omar is falsely impersonating her


Claim: Iffat Omar conducted a poll on Twitter, asking respondents if they would or would not elect Imran Khan as the next prime minister, and 96% of respondents said that they would.

Fact: A fake account impersonating Iffat Omar posted this tweet, which was later shared by the verified account of journalist Imran Riaz Khan, causing further confusion.

On 26 November 2022, Imran Riaz Khan shared a screenshot of a tweet poll apparently posted by social media influencer and model Iffat Omar. The poll asks if respondents would vote for Imran Khan as the next prime minister, and 96% said they would. 

Fact or Fiction?

Soch Fact Check found two Twitter accounts with Iffat Omar’s name, display picture, cover image and Twitter bio. One of these accounts has 92,500 followers [@OmarIffat] and had joined Twitter in 2018, and the other [@IffatOmar] has 184 followers and had joined Twitter in 2016. 

However, the accounts with the handle @IffatOmar only has three recent tweets,, one of which was shared by Imran Riaz Khan. All other tweets posted to this account are from 2017 or before then. This could indicate that before impersonating Omar, this account was tweeting as someone else. Soch Fact Check spoke to  Iffat Omar who  confirmed that her Twitter handle is @OmarIffat. She also stated that she has been blocked by the account impersonating her and,  therefore, cannot report it. She also clarified that a third account in her name, with 345 followers, also exists, but that was made by her own team but she cannot access it any longer as they have lost the password.


Iffat Omar is a social media influencer and former model with a large following of 92,500 social media users. The original poll tweeted on 26 November 2022 gathered over 5500 interactions, as it appears from the screenshot shared by Imran Riaz Khan before it was deleted.

Conclusion: Iffat Omar did not post a poll asking her followers if they would vote for Imran Khan in the next election..

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