Claim: London’s iconic landmark Trocadero building — previously an entertainment complex — will be turned into a three-story mosque by property tycoon Asif Aziz.

Fact: The entire Trocadero building is not being converted into a mosque, and nor will it utilise three floors.

Originally built as a restaurant in 1896, the Trocadero was later turned into an exhibition centre and entertainment space in the 1980s. Aziz, the founder of real estate firm Criterion Capital, bought the iconic landmark for 220 million pounds in 2005.

Fact or Fiction?

On 16 July 2023, the British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported that the Trocadero building in London will be converted into a three-story mosque by businessman and philanthropist Asif Aziz.

“Trocadero: Muslim billionaire Asif Aziz wins permission to turn London’s famous landmark into a mosque,” the headline of the article reads.

Soch Fact Check found the claim to be misleading. Aziz Foundation, an Islamic education charity set up by Asif Aziz in 2015, clarified that the entire Trocadero building is not being converted into a mosque and neither a three-storey mosque is being constructed. The prayer space of the community centre will utilise a “vacant space in the basement of the Trocadero” for Muslims who work, visit and live in the area. The centre will have a capacity of 390 people.

The statement further said that the foundation is proud “to support the Piccadilly Community Centre, its prayer space, local community initiatives and interfaith work”.


Other UK-based media outlets, such as Secret London and Daily Mail also carried the claim, as well as international news websites including The New Arab, Daily Sabah and Israel Hayom.

The claim was also shared in Pakistan by MM News and Daily Pakistan.

On Facebook, it was shared by Malawai 24.

Conclusion: Contrary to media reports, Aziz Foundation has clarified that the entire Trocadero building is not being converted into a three-storey mosque. In fact, already available space in the basement will be utilised to offer a prayer space for Muslims in the area.

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