Butt Karahi was sealed for SOP violations, not for serving dead chickens


Claim: Various sources claimed on Twitter and Facebook that popular restaurant Butt Karahi had been sealed by authorities for serving dead chickens.

Fact: District Commissioner Lahore confirmed the restaurant was sealed for Covid-19 SOP violations, not for serving dead chickens or any other food safety violations.

On 12 September 2021 the Lakshmi Chowk branch of popular restaurant chain Butt Karahi was sealed for violating Covid-19 standard operating regulations disallowing indoor dining.

Various digital media outlets,such as Capital TV, claimed on Facebook and Twitter that the restaurant had been sealed for serving customers dead chicken meat.

Cooked meat from dead animals is widely considered to be hazardous to one’s health. Such meat is not refrigerated immediately after the animal has died and so is more likely to become a host to a number of harmful bacteria and parasites. Meat from dead animals is also not considered halal.

Some of the posts alleging the restaurant was sealed for serving dead meat were shared more than a hundred times. The claim was reposted to different pages dozens of times.

Soch Fact Check found the claim to be false. The District Commissioner of Lahore Shalimar clarified on Twitter on 13 September 2021 that the restaurant was sealed for violating Covid-19 SOPs. His office confirmed to us on the phone that the restaurant violated rules mandating social distancing and disallowing indoor dining.

Summary: Butt Karahi was sealed for violating Covid-19 SOPs. Media reports claiming it was shut for serving dead meat have been debunked by the District Commissioner of Lahore.

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