Bilawal measures eggs in dozens, not kilos

An eggcellent explanation about Pakistan’s latest viral video.


Claim: A viral video shows Bilawal Bhutto stating that eggs cost Rs200 per kilogram, potatoes cost Rs100 per dozen, and tomatoes are Rs200 per dozen.

Fact: The video has been doctored, Bhutto actually says that one dozen eggs cost Rs200, one kilo of potatoes and tomatoes cost Rs100 and Rs 200 respectively.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement rally in Gujranwala took place on 17 October 2020. While addressing the crowds, and making a point about inflation and rising food prices under the PTI government, Bilawal Bhutto said, “Change [tabdeeli] is such that one dozen eggs cost Rs 200, potatoes cost Rs100 per kilo, tomatoes are Rs200 per kilo…”

This clip, which was taken from a video 92 News posted to their YouTube channel, was doctored to make it seem like Bhutto measures eggs in kilos and potatoes and tomatoes in dozens. There is a slight audio distortion in the doctored version of the video, and the quality of the video has been degraded due to editing.

The original video, posted by 92 News, can be found here [6:27- 6:37]:

Doctored video:

The edited video is being shared widely on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, with captions mocking Bhutto, such as: “‘Eggs are Rs 200 per kg, and potatoes are Rs 100 per dozen,’ Bilawal Zardari has gone mad. He will run the country?” Moreover, screenshots of the video are being shared with captions that mention the false quote, poke fun at the PPP chairman, and question his competency.

Screenshot received by Soch Fact Check via WhatsApp

Another version of the doctored video found on YouTube


The Gujranwala Rally was the first stop of an extensive anti-government campaign being organized by opposition parties who have joined together to form the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The PDM consists of 11 political parties, including the PPP, PML-N and JUI-F, and they intend to depose the current PTI government. They plan to end their tour on December 13, with a large gathering in Lahore, in the hope that the PTI government will not be able to withstand a 3 month-long protest against its legitimacy. In this political atmosphere it is possible, and likely, that supporters on both sides may share false news about this new movement.

Summary: The viral video of Bilawal Bhutto quoting the price of eggs in kilos and potatoes and tomatoes in dozens has been doctored. Bilawal actually says, “Change [tabdeeli] is such that one dozen eggs cost Rs 200, potatoes cost R100 per kilo, tomatoes are Rs200 per kilo…”

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