Ayesha Akram did not speak to Imran Khan during live broadcast

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Claim: Ayesha Akram called Prime Minister Imran Khan during a televised live event in which he was taking calls from citizens.

Fact: The video has been doctored. Footage of a television broadcast from several months ago has been overlaid with another voiceover to depict a phone call from Akram.


On 14th August, TikToker Ayesha Akram was harassed by hundreds of men at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore. Videos that went viral on social media show a large crowd of men touching Akram inappropriately and attempting to remove her clothes.

The incident sparked outrage on social media and was reported on widely by news organisations. While some were empathetic towards her, others blamed Akram and accused her of staging the incident for publicity.

Fake Phone Call

On 21 August, social media channel Crime Raid uploaded a video of Prime Minister Imran Khan during a live broadcast in which he took live calls from the public. A voice speaking over the visuals makes it appear like Akram has called into the broadcast. Khan can be seen answering her by name. During the conversation, Akram complains to the Prime Minister about the incident. The post’s caption reads: “Breaking News, Imran Khan’s telephone call with Ayesha from Lahore”.

The same video was shared by various channels over the next few days with similar captions (pictured below).

Soch Fact Check found the posts to be false, because the video has been doctored with a fake voice over to make it appear as if Akram is speaking on the call. In the original broadcast, aired on 30 May 2021, the caller is Ayesha Mazhar from Quetta who speaks about how her home has been taken over by a tenant and implores the prime minister to help her pursue justice.

A video posted on social media makes it appear that Ayesha Akram called President Imran Khan during a live broadcast. Soch Fact Check found that the video is doctored with a fake voice having been added over the original video to make it seem like Akram is on the call.

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